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How Smartphone Cameras Will Improve in 2022

As technology evolves, smartphone cameras will become more sophisticated. While it’s unlikely that mobile phones will surpass DSLRs, the rise of digital stabilisation (OVS) and ToF technologies could lead to smartphones with higher pixel count and better quality pictures. Also, as these features gain popularity, the trickle-down effect of premium features will allow low- and mid-priced smartphones to gain them as well.

Smarter and faster: The smartphone camera will become more powerful with AI. By 2022, we will have the ability to switch from 3x to 5x optical zoom with the push of a button. This will be possible thanks to long-sleeve motors and active optical alignment. In addition, more sophisticated sensors will allow smartphones to recognize depth and subject edges, two key factors for great portrait shots.

Smaller, sharper: Smartphones will have 48-64 MP sensors on average, with a few exceptions. In 2022, 3% of smartphones will have a 108MP sensor, while only 1% will have one. As the pixels become smaller, they are harder to capture light, which means fewer photos will be sharp. Samsung executives believe that the technology will also improve the quality of photos taken in darker environments, and smartphones will be equipped with periscope lenses to help users zoom in and out of dark areas.

The smartphone camera will be more advanced than ever. More cameras with periscope lenses will let users zoom in and out of motion. For instance, smartphones will be able to capture motion more clearly. The next step will be the inclusion of ToF sensors, which will allow the smartphones to compete with the best DSLRs. With such a sophisticated camera, we can even imagine that our mobile phones could surpass our favorite DSLRs in the near future.

More advanced camera sensors will provide more options. Besides offering more resolution, smartphones will also have greater depth. Using a periscope lens will allow users to zoom in on their subject. The periscope lens will also allow them to use 5x and 10x optical zoom. This feature will be useful in capturing action, such as sports. And it can also make the camera more versatile.

In the same way that DSLRs have changed, smartphones will improve their camera capabilities. The first smartphone to use a periscope lens in 2022 is likely to have more than five megapixels. The second camera will have a more than eight-megapixel resolution. And a periscope lens will be a more powerful zoom system. And a periscope lens will give the smartphone user more options to snap images.

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