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Natural Cures For Vaginal Wetness

Vaginal wetness is a very common problem among women. It may be because of an incontinence issue or a natural variation in the pH levels of the vagina. However, there are other causes for it as well, and knowing them will help you treat the situation more successfully. Vaginal wetness is not really a disease but an inconvenience that women should be able to live with. Here’s everything you need to know about vaginal wetness.

Indian escortssuggested, that vaginal wetness occurs when the vagina becomes moist due to arousal. The vagina becomes all the more moist when blood rush into it and make it all swollen. Vaginal wetness during sexual intercourse is common and happens to most women at least once in their lives. This is also because the vagina becomes lubricated when an orgasm occurs. But sometimes it may also happen even without an orgasm, and this is also called nocturnal emissions.

Nocturnal emissions are more common for women who have the habit of having unprotected sex. These are also the women who also tend to use lubricants when they are having sex, and it is the lubes that make the vagina become wet. Women who have a habit of using these two products and are also using lubricants during sex are also more prone to having this kind of problem.

Some women are also prone to having bacterial vaginosis. This is a common STD that makes the vagina become damp and a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. It is a natural condition, but the condition may also develop when there is something wrong with the immune system of the body. An example of this is diabetes. When the body’s resistance against disease is low, the vagina becomes vulnerable and it can also be prone to get infected with the harmful bacteria.

Vaginal wetness can also be a symptom of another serious condition. If you have a fever, you will see streaks of vaginal wetness. Although this is not considered a serious condition, you need to visit your doctor for a proper diagnosis of your fever and vaginal wetness.

There are natural cures for all the above-mentioned conditions. These are the most effective natural cures for all types of vaginal wetness. Vaginal dryness can be very uncomfortable. It affects your sexual life and you may find it difficult to have an erection or to achieve one at all.

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